Grundlegender Microblading-Kurs (kombinierte Online-Lehre und Praktikum)

Grundlegender Microblading-Kurs (kombinierte Online-Lehre und Praktikum)

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Introduction to our microblading course

There are many advantageous reasons to invest in PMU-line & Dermatech-group's permanent makeup education, and we take this very seriously. Here are some compelling reasons for our education in permanent makeup:

  1. Flexibility and Customization: Our education in permanent makeup is known for its extreme flexibility. Each module in both the theoretical and practical part of the education can be purchased and scheduled individually. This means that the education can be adapted to your schedule and pace, making it easier to integrate the education into your life.

  2. Increasing Demand: Permanent makeup treatments are experiencing increasing demand today for various reasons. It can improve people's daily lives by making beauty routines easier or rebuild self-esteem after an illness. Permanent makeup is thus an art form that both inspires and helps individuals on a deeper level.

  3. Internal and External Well-Being: Permanent makeup is not only about external appearance but also about promoting clients' internal well-being. We understand the importance of creating beautiful results that boost confidence and self-esteem in our clients.

  4. Quality and Professional Strength: We never compromise on the quality of our permanent makeup education. When you choose PMU-line's education, you invest in a meticulous and professional education that equips you for success as a micropigmentist.

We understand the importance of delivering an education that goes beyond the cosmetic aspect and touches people's lives and well-being. Our commitment to quality and professional strength is unmatched, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals as a micropigmentist.

Our experience ensures you a thorough microblading course

We build on our extensive experience to give you a careful and in-depth microblading course. Our position as pioneers in Permanent Makeup treatments and education in Europe is a source of pride, and we take our professional responsibility very seriously.

When you attend our course, you can expect teaching of the highest quality. Our instructors are highly educated and experienced, and we use only equipment and accessories that meet the strictest EU requirements. This reflects our commitment to ethical and quality standards.

Performing Permanent Makeup treatments, especially microblading with a manual microblading pen, requires not only talent and artistic skills but also a significant investment of time, patience, and a deep will to learn. We are ready to share our knowledge and skills with you, but it requires your dedication and commitment to succeed. Together, we can shape your path to success in microblading.


Testimonials from students

"I can tell that I have been in Aleksandra's hands for 6 weeks on her basic permanent makeup course. She is super skilled, and I highly recommend her. She is always happy, and the teaching is top-notch."
-- Vivi Eliassson from Beauty and Nails by Sandi

"I highly recommend Aleksandra's permanent makeup basic training. The training is of high quality and very professional.

Aleksandra is a fantastic instructor, meeting you at the level you are at and calmly but quickly and very efficiently guides you to a higher level. I had no previous experience with PMU, so she started from scratch with me. Her patience and kindness towards me was amazing. This is definitely one of the best training courses I have been on."

-- Nikola Samson Kristoffersen from Caronlab ApS


"Super good basic course, well-structured with theory and work on models. I love PMU-line's products - really good quality that gives me confidence."

-- Malene Petersen from Hair2you

See more testimonials on Trustpilot here (from when our training center was called LaBina)

Who can take our microblading course?

Our microblading course is open to everyone, regardless of your previous educational background or level of experience. To get started with microblading, you must first complete the Basic Module, which is a prerequisite for participating in our Microblading Basic course/specialty course.

If you strive to deliver the highest quality in microblading, we recommend that you start with our basic microblading course and then continue with our Microblading Masterclass course. The Masterclass course is designed for those who already have experience and training in microblading (usually at least 30 treatments, including refills). This course will help you refine your skills and take them to the next level.


Course structure and layout

The microblading course spans 50 hours of theory (and extra material online) as well as at least 110 hours of practical training including homework on practice skins.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Theoretical mandatory BASIC MODULE.  (Approx. 20 hours incl. online test) Maybe you have already taken it with us in connection with another education.

  • Practice and theory at the school (Up to 6 months at the school - minimum 160 hours)

  • Examination, practical and theoretical - oral and written (2 days of 6-8 hours)



Basic Module 

The Basic Module is a prerequisite for participating in the mandatory microblading specialty course in cosmetic tattooing. Once you have enrolled and paid for the Basic Module in your permanent makeup education, you will gain access to an online basic theory, which must be completed before you can start your training. We will guide you through the entire process.

This theoretical self-study includes interactive tests and takes about 20 hours to complete. It will provide you with a solid introduction to the subject and prepare you for the longer course that meets the new strict rules and requirements that came into effect on July 1, 2021.

The Basic Module only needs to be completed once, just like the mandatory hygiene course for cosmetic tattooists. You can start the Basic Module every week throughout the year, as it is available online. Once you have successfully completed the Basic Module and passed the tests, you will be ready to participate in the mandatory course in cosmetic tattooing (Microblading).


Microblading (theory and practice at the training center)

The practical part of the training takes place at our training center in Vejle or Copenhagen.

It is only here your basic education in Microblading can be taken. 

The meeting days can vary and stretch over 15-20 days, depending on your personal development and skills. However, it is crucial that the entire education is completed within a period of 6 months.

The practical period usually takes place in even weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00 to 15.00. This takes place in Vejle or by individual agreement in Copenhagen.

Each meeting day will include theoretical review and practical exercises, including work on paper, artificial skin, and real models. All the necessary equipment such as paper, pens, artificial skin, and models will be provided on the practical days, and you will receive it continuously as needed.

In addition, you will have access to extra online material, which you can use to perform exercises at home and solve assignments.

  • Theory material/course folder

  • Videos with step-by-step demo treatments

  • Theory tests and drawing assignments

  • Examples of consent forms for your customers

This gives you the extra advantage of being able to dedicate time to expanding your knowledge of permanent makeup outside the school's meeting days. This will further refine your skills in eyebrow techniques. You will learn to perform precise drawings, step-by-step treatments, and become familiar with the latest and most modern techniques in the field.


You have the freedom to choose how many times a week you wish to attend classes.

We accurately record how many hours you attend and how many assignments you submit in your individual course registration form.

The practical teaching is subsequently adapted to your personal course of instruction.

This flexibility allows you to integrate your education with steady work, consider any illness, and plan vacations without missing important teaching hours.

We just ask that you notify us of planned absence at least 10 days before the agreed meeting time (except in case of acute illness), so we can adjust the teaching accordingly. If not, additional teaching days can be purchased.

Exercises at home

After each teaching day at PMU-line, it is expected that you continue with exercises at home for the rest of the respective week. This includes both exercises on paper and artificial skin.

It is important to maintain the training and studies at home, as a lack of maintenance can negatively impact your benefit from the education.

Student treatments on your own

If you work at a clinic and the clinic is registered as a tattoo place with the Safety Authority, and you have completed a mandatory hygiene course with a certificate, it is allowed for you to perform student treatments on your own.

However, to perform model treatments on your own, it is required that you first have completed all practical exercises on artificial skin and have performed at least 10 treatments on models under the supervision of your instructor at the school. This will give you approval to perform student treatments, even before the exam.

The teams

Our teaching teams consist of students at different levels, which gives you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all over the country. We work together to ensure that everyone gets the necessary learning before the exam, and this cooperation is a valuable part of the education.


You will also gain a thorough understanding of the equipment used in permanent makeup. It is important to note that the permanent makeup education assumes that you have your own equipment. However, at PMU-line, we offer different starter packages at favorable prices, ensuring that you get the best equipment in the industry. All the equipment and accessories used during the training and for the exam are included in the price.


The course concludes with certification: theory exam, as well as practical tasks on a model - oral and written (2 days of 6-8 hours)



General Theory

During the course, you will be presented with a comprehensive amount of theoretical knowledge covering the overarching aspects of working as a micropigmentist. This includes topics such as:

  • Basic theory of permanent makeup, which involves several topics:

    • How did it start?

    • Important technical terms

    • Modern permanent makeup

    • Understanding Permanent Makeup (basic concepts)

  • Anatomy and physiology, including:

    • Structure of the skin

    • Skin types and their significant impact on the results of permanent makeup

  • Your clients' health

  • Skin diseases, contraindications, infectious diseases, and medical complications

  • Regulations on authority requirements, consumer information, product knowledge, and ingredient technology.

  • Treatment process (consent forms and client records)

    • Before, during, and after the treatment (recommendations, rules, aftercare instructions)

  • Customer psychology

  • All about hygiene in micropigmentation

  • Theory on pigments and needle combinations:

    • Getting to know your equipment

    • Pigments for permanent makeup treatments

    • Classification of pigments on the market

    • PMU-line's pigments

    • Healing process and color of pigment

    • Hygiene needle modules

    • The different needle groups and their application

  • Drawing techniques

  • The correct angles, depths, directions, and speeds in permanent makeup treatments

You can see the entire educational plan here: EDUCATIONAL PLAN

What you get after completing the education

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • International CPD Certificate

  • Access to unlimited support from us

  • Invitation to a follow-up day within the first 12 months

Extra observation day with Aleksandra

It is important to know that you can always maintain contact with Aleksandra or your instructor after completing the education. We are always ready to advise former students. Within the first 12 months after the education, Aleksandra or your instructor even offers an extra observation day, where former students like you have the opportunity to observe her work and discuss profession-specific questions.

This has proven to be very beneficial, as working with permanent makeup can present you with new challenges, which is useful to discuss with experienced micropigmentists.


Content of our microblading course

In the first part of the course, part 1, you will achieve a comprehensive theoretical understanding of the art within microblading. This will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to perform microblading treatments on your own clients. This theoretical knowledge will later be practically tested in the second part of the microblading course.

You can look forward to skills in:

  • Why choose microblading?

  • Pigments for brows, e.g.:

    • Basic color theory

    • Choosing the right colors

    • Color correction

  • Microblading pens and other equipment

  • Skin types and their impact on microblading

  • Facial shapes

  • Anatomy of the skin

  • Process of the treatment

  • Hygiene

  • Brow drawing and shaping

  • Microblading techniques, e.g., hairstrokes (3D eyebrows)

  • Handling mistakes

  • Exercises with shape recognition, drawing shapes, and hairstrokes technique


Practical and Theoretical Exam

Before the final exam, it is important that you practice the techniques you have learned and continuously send before-and-after pictures of your work to your instructor. This allows you to receive feedback and guidance to improve your skills before the exam.

You will be examined in:

  • Theory (written) 1 day

  • Practice (homework and treatment on a model at the course location) 1 day

Once you have performed 10 model treatments on your own, you can contact us to arrange an exam date. The practical exam will usually take place between 10 am and 3 pm, and we will of course arrange models for your exam. After passing the exam, you will receive an "Internationally Accredited CPD Certificate."

Practical notes on the education

  • The practical training usually takes place at PMU-line in Vejle, just 5 minutes from the E45 motorway.

  • There is free parking available on site.

  • The training facility includes a treatment room where the instructor performs treatments on real clients, as well as a conference room for theoretical teaching.

  • You are welcome to bring your own lunch, and snacks, coffee, tea, water, and fruit will be provided on all course days and the exam day.

Contact us about space in Copenhagen.

Price for microblading course

All prices excl. VAT.
We offer financing interest-free for 12 months. See more here 

Starter kit is not included and must be purchased before your first meeting day. 

To participate in our microblading course, you need a starter kit that enables you to perform the first 50 Hairstrokes and 50 Ombre microblading treatments. This starter kit will include all the necessary equipment and materials required to get started with microblading.

It can be ordered here

The starter kit contains:

  • Portable leather case
  • Aftercare cream (30 x 5 ml) (each aftercare is sufficient for 3 treatments: initial treatment and two refills)
  • "Perfect Brows" kit (incl. special pencil sharpeners)
  • 50 x microblading 12-slope nano blades 
  • 50 x microblading 16-shader nano blades 
  • Pigment cups set (100 pcs.)
  • 100 pcs. Micro brushes - precise application of lifting lotions
  • Golden Ratio eyebrow calipers


  • Microblading Palette (12 x 5 ml.)
  • Plastic holder for microblading pen
  • Microblading pen (in metal)
  • Antibacterial mask
  • Eyebrow ruler
  • Practice skin Plain
  • Practice skin 2D Brows
  • PMU-lotion 3-in-1 (used during treatment)
  • Plastic wrap for cosmetic use
  • 2 x Meso Pain Reduce (50 ml)

Your starter kit is not included in the price.

Your instructor for the education in microblading

Most of PMU-line's courses and educations are taught by Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt. A highly educated master trainer in permanent makeup with her own clinic, and many years of experience in the industry.

Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt is:

  • educated micropigmentist specializing in advanced permanent makeup and laser therapy with many years of experience
  • certified master trainer in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation
  • certified master trainer in Lash and Brow Keratin Lamination
  • certified master trainer in Eyelash Extensions
  • master trainer in dermatherapy/clinical wrinkle reduction
  • mesotherapist
  • anti-aging therapist
  • board member at the Trade Association KKBU

There is no area within permanent makeup that Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt has not worked with. Despite this, Aleksandra is a humble person who always meets her students with great enthusiasm and openness. In the permanent makeup education, you will therefore have the opportunity to get answers to virtually all questions within permanent makeup.

Read more about Aleksandra here



We are proud that our entire Dermatech-group educational academy has won the Prestige Awards' prize as the best in permanent makeup for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. The award is based on the quality of education, treatments, and products, our ethical work methods, and consistency in performances.


For Aleksandra, it is important to see other micropigmentists as colleagues rather than competitors – because, after all, it should always be the client's specific needs that are central.

Therefore, if you have a client with a special need, it is better to refer the client to the right micropigmentist, rather than ending up with a final result that neither you nor the client is satisfied with. Together we achieve the best results, so let's collaborate and help each other - and the clients.

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