Permanente Make-up Maschinen

Bei PMU-line verkaufen wir nur gründlich geprüfte, qualitätsgesicherte Maschinen für das Permanent Make-up – ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug für neu ausgebildete und erfahrene Mikropigmentierer.

Die Durchführung von Behandlungen im Bereich Permanent Make-up erfordert eine ruhige Hand. Daher kann es sowohl für Sie als Therapeut als auch für Ihren Kunden äußerst riskant sein, billige Alternativen zu verwenden, die unsicher und schockierend sind. Hier sind die Maschinen der PMU-Linie die besten. Die Vibrationen sind minimal, sodass Sie Ihre kunstvolle Präzisionsarbeit möglichst scharf und gründlich ausführen können. Zudem sind die Geräte nahezu geräuschlos, was sowohl Sie als Therapeut als auch Ihre Kunden zu schätzen wissen.

Permanent makeup machines that live up to EU requirements
The EU has drafted a directive to protect micro-pigmentists and their clients from the damage that sharp work instruments can cause. High demands are placed on the manufacturers behind the machines for permanent makeup. Among other things, the manufacturer must ensure that all machines with needles have built-in protection mechanisms. A requirement that all PMU-line machines comply with.

In addition, PMU-line permanent makeup machines also use a patented modular system that causes the needle to retract into the nozzle if the machine is not used properly. The same thing happens when the machine is turned off, which also ensures that the needle is stored sterile inside the machine itself. This ensures both the therapist and the customer the best safety and hygiene.

PMU-line pigmentation machines for permanent makeup also have a closed back piece at the wrist, which ensures that the machine and needles are not contaminated by polluting air and liquid. All of these measures mean that bacteria cannot be transmitted from customer to customer or hit the therapist.

Ergonomic permanent makeup machines
Finally, PMU-line machines for permanent makeup are also ergonomically correct, so they are optimally in the hand and do not heat up during prolonged use. Another factor that makes the machines better and safer to work with. The pigments are introduced into the skin impressively quickly when you use PMU-line machines. It shortens the whole treatment and the subsequent healing process. The replacement of needles, colors and pigments can also be done easily and hygienically.

Finally, you achieve fantastic precision in the drawing. If you, as a micropigmentist, have first worked with PMU-line machines for permanent makeup, it is almost impossible to settle for anything else.

Transparency all the way
Transparency creates trust! We have a desire to tell EVERYTHING about our permanent makeup machines - because we are proud of them! So finally do not hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt in the slightest or there is some information you can not find.

Beautify your customers with colors, accessories and instruments from PMU-line® pigments and PMU-line® pigmentation machines, which are among the best, safest and most innovative products on the market.

With our permanent makeup machines you get uncompromising safety
Several independent analyzes have proven that air turbulence, caused by the rapidly moving parts of the handpiece for permanent makeup machines that do not have protection against the color return, poses a potential risk of infection. PMU-line® patented technology secures against this and excludes all transmission of bacteria from customer to customer or from permanent makeup therapist to the customer and vice versa.

The right machine is crucial to the quality of your treatments. Once again, it pays to invest in quality, safety and good hygiene. Choose right - Choose PMU line.